SAV-A-CAF Lamb & Kid Colostrum Replacer

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Sav-A-Caf Lamb and Kid Colostrum Replacer is formulated to provide critical nutrition to newborn lambs or goat kids that may not receive colostrum from mom. with bovine colostrum, vitamins, and minerals, you can be confident that even in the absence of maternal colostrum, your young animals are receiving quality nutrition beginning at birth. Contains 25% fat to provide critical energy to newborns in their first day of life. Provides 8 grams of globulin protein per 2 oz of powder to boost immune function early on. Fortified with vitamins and minerals vitamin E and vitamin A are both essential to giving both lambs and goat kids a strong start. Feeding made simple - This multi-dose pouch includes easy to mix powder and a 2oz scoop for accurate dosing.

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