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A broad spectrum insecticide for use in dairy, livestock and poultry operations, Pyronyl™ crop spray is an insecticide formulated for surface spraying, misting systems and on animal uses. The active ingredients in Pyronyl™ crop spray offer dual modes of action with pyrethrins as a sodium channel inhibitor and PBO as a cytochrome enzyme blocker. Broad spectrum insecticide. Can be used in dairy barns, poultry housing, pig barns, and horse stables, as well as on cattle (feedlot or pasture). Can be used as a surface spray or in a misting system. Agricultural insect control with two modes of action to reduce insect-resistance. For barns, dairy houses, poultry houses, milking parlors, milk rooms, stables, food processing plants, outdoor aerial applications.

Active Ingredients: Pyrethrins (6%) Piperonyl Butoxide (60%)

Mix: 2 oz/gallon

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