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The new Q-Catch 54 Series squeeze chute is Arrowquip's answer to the needs of smaller cattle ranchers and producers. In a market that rarely improves to meet the needs of small farmers, the new 54 Series squeeze chute emerges as a safer, easier way for producers to manage their livestock at an affordable price point for any operation.

The 54 Series provides the access, durability, and quality that cattle producers rely on. While you may not need a heavy-duty squeeze chute or one that can take big numbers, you still need a squeeze chute that you can trust will be up to the task at hand every time. That is where the 54 Series shines. Not only is this squeeze chute backed by 5-Year Warranty and lifetime guarantees on locking mechanisms and rump fingers, the 54 Series is backed by industry-leading customer service that will keep your chute running reliably for years to come.

When it comes time to upgrade your squeeze chute, you need an investment you can trust, and a chute designed for working cattle in the 21st century. You need a Q-Catch 54 Series.

Q-Catch 54 Series Cattle Squeeze Chute | Arrowquip

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