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13 tooth replacement blade for Oster Showmaster and Shearmaster clippers. Cryogen-X, AgION (Antimicrobial protection) uses silver as the active ingredient which is a powerful antimicrobial metal ion. Proven to be very effective in controlling bacteria, mold, and mildew. Gently remove fleece and reduce the risk of fleas and lice with the Oster Shearing Comb. Ideal for close show trimming of goats, llamas, and alpacas, this 13-tooth thinning comb is constructed from durable, fine-grain carbon steel that is heat treated for greater wear resistance. The blade is then deep frozen to -300 degrees and hand lapped, resulting in a harder, sharper blade with a smooth finish. This shear attachment is compatible with all professional hand pieces and 3-inch shearing heads on the Oster ShearMaster Shearing Machine and Oster ShowMaster Shearing Machine.

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