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REVEL is an easy-to-use, low use rate, liquid replacement for dry AMS. REVEL is a water conditioning adjuvant that contains sequestrants, chelating agents and surfactant that will aid in controlling hard water antagonism and improves pesticide uptake.

  • Contains AMS to help improve pesticide uptake
  • In a convenient easy-to-use liquid formulation
  • Excellent plant safety with the ability to increase pesticide activity
  • Unique surfactant package
  • K-salt and IPA glyphosate compatible
  • Contains an anti-foaming agent

IMPORTANT - Add REVEL to the spray tank first before adding any other tank mix product, unless the tank mix pesticide(s) or additives direct otherwise.

Mixing Order
1. Fill tank 1/2 full of water and begin agitation.
2. Add the required amount of REVEL while agitating.
3. Continue filling spray tank with water and add the tank mix components as directed on the pesticide label(s).

Rate: 2-4 pt./100 gallons

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