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DIPLOMAT is a low-use rate, oil based adjuvant that enhances performance of spray applications. Diplomat replaces traditional crop oil concentrates and is formulated to be used at lower rates.

  • Saves handling and storage * Designed to use 50% less product as compared to traditional COC’s
  • High load crop oil 60:40 blend (oil/emulsifier) - HSOC
  • More emulsifier with less oil means less chance of crop injury
  • Safer to crop than crop oil concentrates (less chance of leaf burn)
  • Better penetration and less evaporation than COC’s
  • Increased leaf penetration – Increases product efficacy
  • Surfactant/Emulsifier system that has excellent compatibility with herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and fertilizers
  • Superior spreading and emulsifying qualities

IMPORTANT - Add DIPLOMAT to the spray tank first before adding any other tank mix product, unless the tank mix pesticide(s) or additives direct otherwise.

Mixing Order
1. Fill tank 1/2 full of water and begin agitation.
2. Add the required amount of DIPLOMAT while agitating.
3. Continue filling spray tank with water and add the tank mix components as directed on the pesticide label(s).

3-4 pt./100 gallons (0.375-0.5% for products suggesting 1% v/v COC)

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