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Size 36" x 35" x 36" (Length x Width x Height) - 500 lbs.(Approx. Wt.) 121 lbs. (shipping weight) 6" (Offset Chute adjustment) - Hastings' Kattle-Kaker lets you feed range cake, pellets, wafers, or cubes without leaving the cab of your pickup. You can even load bin from your bulk supply or sacks before going to pasture. In snow, our popular rear delivery model (KK01) gives added efficiency by dropping feed directly in the ready-made feed trough formed by your tire track. A welded angle frame provides a solid base. The bin is made of 18GA galvanized steel with a hinged weatherproof cover that provides a large 16" x 33" fill opening. Its spring-loaded dispensing gate provides control of flow at your desired rate, and it can be operated remotely from the cab using the provided nylon rope and positive action pulleys. Its retractable dispensing chute is a non-clog design that handles all sizes of pellets, cubes, and wafers. The KK01 has an offset chute with a full six-inch adjustment, which allows placement of feed into a tire track. The KK02 has a straight chute that is 10" x 24" (Width x Length). The capacity of these units are 500 lbs. and have a measure of 36" x 35" x 36" (Lenght x Width x Height). They have a shipping weight of 121 lbs and are covered by a 1-year warranty against workmanship and defects.

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