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Reliable and powerful, this energizer is best suited for large pastures. The added power reserve in this unit has built-in technology that increases voltage output when fence conditions change. Crafted from a rugged combination of tough, high impact plastic for its outer casing and a built-in lightning diverter with the latest internal circuitry. This energizer is designed to last.

Clean Fence: 110 miles / 650 acres​
Typical Fence: 36 miles​ / 280 acres
​11 Stored Joules
UL Approved​​​

  • ​​Features a quicks​​​can output Voltage bar graph: shows output voltage of the energizer at a glance and a digital output reading.
  • Green LED indicates normal operation
  • Split bolt terminals for easy installation and good connection
  • Easy to service, modular design
  • Ideally suited for large pasture​

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