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While maternal colostrum is best at an adequate supply and good quality, it may not always be available to newborn calves. Colostrum Gold™ Supplement aids in the required nutritional needs for newborn calves by supplementing globulin proteins, fat, energy and vitamins. Calves on low quality and/or short supply of colostrum are prone for disease, environmental pathogens and other challenges which may hinder the calf’s health and growth. Colostrum Gold™ Supplement therefore supplies the newborn calf’s weak immune system with the optimum nutrients required to give it a good healthy start which may greatly increase its chances of survival.

When to Feed a Colostrum Supplement:

  •  Cow Refuses or Abandons Calf
  •  Cow’s Colostrum is of Poor Quality
  •  Birth Complications
  •  Cold Weather
  •  Suppressed Immune System
  •  Genetic/Health Challenges

Why Colostrum Gold™ Supplement?

  •  All-Natural Product
  •  Bovine Serum Derived
  •  Contains Whey
  •  Effortless Mixing
  •  Highly Fortified, Nutritionally Enhanced Formula
  •  Includes Key Immune Stimulants
  •  Includes Beneficial Bacterias
  •  Includes Electrolytes

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