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Extra-strong amber colored Callicrate SMART Loops™, for use with the SMART Bander™, are specially formulated to withstand and maintain the high tension needed for consistent results. The special latex formula is over three times stronger than comparable latex rubber. The formulation and curing of the rubber give it the elasticity, strength and memory necessary for fail-proof application. The patented no-slip aluminum clip on the SMART loop™ should be placed ‘seam side up’ in the nose of the bander for best results.  

Lubricated: Reduces friction and abrasions and assures uniform stretching around the scrotum for complete ligation.

Strong: Immediate and complete occlusion, which means less pain, stress and eliminates swelling, resulting in faster scrotal drop time.

Long: Ease of application regardless of the size of the animal. Patented no-slip Callicrate Locktight Clip™ holds the necessary loop tension.

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