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The Callicrate Bander™ may be used for delayed castration and horn removal – cattle/goats/sheep/yaks. The same tool and loop are used for both castration and horn removal. Callicrate Loops™ are made from a specific latex formulation that is over three times stronger than surgical tubing or pre-made latex rings. The patented no-slip Callicrate Clip™ that holds the necessary loop tension, combined with the extra strength latex, gives immediate and total occlusion (blocking of the blood vessels), which means less pain and stress. It also eliminates swelling, resulting in faster scrotal drop time. Special lubrication reduces friction and abrasions and assures uniform stretching around the scrotum for complete ligation. The Callicrate Bander™ “custom fits” every loop to the correct size for each animal. Makes all other methods of castration obsolete and allows you to manage your bull calves for maximum profit! Allows you to take advantage of the increase weight gain of bulls while eliminating the stress and complications of elastrator rings and surgical.


  • Callicrate SMART Bander™
  • Cutter
  • 5 Loops
  • Carrying Case

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