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Permectrin II is a 10% permethrin emulsifiable insecticide spray for use on beef cattle, dairy cattle (including lactating), swine, sheep and poultry that provides up to 30 days of residual effect against horn flies, house flies, face flies, stable flies, lice, mites, ticks, other pests listed on the label. It is convenient to apply as a high- or low-pressure spray with a hand or garden sprayer, or as a spot spray when applying to cattle. Permectrin II can be used in backrubbers or applied in a mist blower or power fogger with water or oil as a carrier for premise applications.

Active Ingredient: Permethrin (10%)

Livestock: 2 oz/gallon

Backrubber: 1.6 oz/gallon

Livestock Facilities: 1.4 oz/gallon

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