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Clean-Up II Pour-On Insecticide with IGR provides control of biting and sucking lice on cattle and also kills louse eggs before they hatch. Clean-Up II is the first insect growth regulator (IGR) pour-on for topical application to beef and dairy cattle (including lactating) and calves. Just one application controls lice, and there is no pre-slaughter or milk withholding period. Also controls black, deer, horn, horse, house and stable flies.

Active Ingredients: Diflubenzuron (3%) and Permethrin (5%)

Rate: 3 mL/100 lbs (max 30 mL/head

  • 2.5 gallons treats 325 cows or 577 calves
  • 0.5 gallons treats 63 cows or 112 calves

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