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  • Heavy-duty cattle panels for cattle corrals and cattle working systems
  • 3" rectangular rails provide a large visual barrier
  • Thick rectangular bars provide a larger surface area for impact, and drastically reduce bruising
  • Rails crafted with 16-gauge steel for enhanced durability and stability, posts with 13-gauge steel
  • Built with locally sourced North American Steel
  • Available in 4 ft, 8 ft, 10 ft, 12 ft, and 14 ft cattle corral panel dimensions
  • Unique 4-way pin connectors offer flexibility for cattle handling system design
  • Can be used to craft full cattle handling systems or simply replace broken pieces of your current setup
  • Cattle corral panel clips and pins included
  • Semi-permanent panels can be changed and modified at any time
  • Heavy-duty cattle panels that are lightweight enough for the rancher to move panels without heavy machinery
  • Pair perfectly with Arrowquip's cattle panel gates for a custom design
  • Backed by Arrowquip's exclusive 3 Year Warranty

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