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FLUMIGARD® SC Herbicide brings rapid knockdown to your weed control program, is tank-mix compatible with a wide range of active ingredients, and boosts your terrestrial pre-emergent programs.


  • Fast contact herbicide that degrades quickly in water
  • Rapid knockdown of planktonic, filamentous, and macrophytic algae in copper-sensitive locations
  • Excellent tank mix partner, especially with biological programs

Turf & Ornamental and other Non-Crop Sites:

  • Broad spectrum with Burndown, PRE- and POST- activity
  • One product for weed control in landscapes, dormant Bermudagrass, cracks andcrevices with bareground

Resistance Management Tool:

  • Stays where it is sprayed in terrestrial settings, ideal for sensitive sites
  • Rapid contact control of target weeds and lasting residual for full season control
  • PPO-mode of action as tank-mix partner increases control of resistant weed species

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