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Fence anywhere, with self-sufficient portable power that keeps your livestock where they are meant to be.

A fully self-sufficient solution that uses solar energy to power your electric fence.A portable, super tough energizer that comes complete with an internal rechargeable battery and in-built solar panel.These units are suitable for permanent electric fencing, where there is no access to mains power and for portable, short term animal control.

  • Compact, easy to install and move, making it the ideal solution for strip grazing and improved pasture management
  • Smart battery management ensures your fence is powered, even in low periods of sunlight
  • Battery check mode indicates battery health
  • Energizer can be mounted on a steel post and orientated in any direction for optimal sun exposure
  • Includes fence and earth leadset, rechargeable 6v (S40) or 12v (S75) battery and built-in solar panel
  • Water resistant case, with built-in lightning protection keeps stock contained in all weather conditions

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